KAD ICT Hub Digital Literacy Camp.

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Learning to use technology responsibly is an essential digital literacy skill for this 21st Century and one that is emphasized throughout KAD ICT Hub’s courses in the context of the 4Cs.

Smartphones are everywhere; children and young people are developing apps, programming robots and creating online personas. Indeed, technology is nearly prevalent facet of children and young people’s lives, including at school where they are often using technology tools to enhance their learning and in the offices.

But just because they knows what buttons to push or has access to a world of knowledge at their fingertips doesn’t mean he or she knows what to do with that power, and power it surely is.

Digital literacy requires teachers, government officials and individuals to make the shift from passive technology use to thoughtful applications of technology, in order to create new content and process information at higher levels. One way educators can approach the challenge of teaching students to engage safely and responsibly with technology is to focus on the role of the 4C’s:

Critical Thinking – It’s easy to read an article or see a photo and take it for face value, but as social media and the recent spotlight on “fake news” has shown us, there is a danger to doing so.  There is need to know how to evaluate sources and make decisions about how to use the new information. This is crucial in an age where there is an overwhelming amount of information to sort through.

Creativity – Anyone can create digital content, but what determines quality? And how can you add authentic opportunities for so called digital audience? Creativity help digital audience tap into their strengths and areas of interest while emphasizing original content and developing a quality product. To make it relevant and authentic, encouragement to publish their work using a variety of intuitive digital tools and elicit feedback in the process is a key.

Communication– Children and young people cannot be shielded from having an internet presence, but they could be helped to understand how to cultivate a positive and safe digital footprint. Communication not only happens face to face or over the phone; it also happens when deciding what to share and whom to share with online. In an era when schools are rapidly adopting a digital learning environment, communicating responsibly online is an essential 21st Century skill. Moreover, communicating with a broader audience, such as internet, can be a tremendous motivator for young people and help them find their voice.

Collaboration– Connecting with others from diverse backgrounds increases the ability to understand multiple perspectives. Learning from and with others all over the world is possible with digital tools like Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Buncee, and Padlet to name a few. Children and young can work beyond their geographic walls to find answers to real problems. By engaging in this type of collaboration, students are even more prepared to participate successfully in our global economy.

During this holiday, KAD ICT Hub is organising a two week intensive Digital Literacy Camp for young people. In this Camp participants will be trained on computer basics, productivity tools and living online.

Date: Between 18 December; 2017 to 5th January 2018.

Venue: 47 Kanta roads off independence way Kaduna.

Amount: 10,000.00NGN

For inquiries call: 07039083600, 07066061921or email us at,

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sanusiKAD ICT Hub Digital Literacy Camp.
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KAD ICT Hub Kids Camp

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As part of our initiative to empower the community with the necessary skills to meet the large demand for skilled IT labor, we have introduced this 2 week Kids Camp. The aim of the program is to teach Android app development and game design to children between the ages of 8 and 17, using blocks programming (MIT App inventor and scratch), which is a great way to program Apps using Graphical User Interfaces.
Our goal is to encourage young boys and girls to pursue careers in Information Technology, by introducing them to the world of App development and Game Design at an early age.
The program will span two weeks, starting December 18th, 2017 to January, 5th 2018 (all official holidays will be observed).
Classes will be held on Monday – Saturday.

The cost of the program is Ten Thousand Naira only.
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sanusiKAD ICT Hub Kids Camp
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IoT For and By Africans.

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The WAZIUP project, namely the Open Innovation Platform for IoT-Big Data in Sub-Saharan Africa is a collaborative research project using cutting edge technology applying IoT (Internet-of-Things) and Big Data to improve the working conditions in the rural ecosystem of Sub-Saharan Africa. First, WAZIUP operates by involving farmers and breeders in order to define the platform specifications in focused validation cases. Second, while tackling challenges which are specific to the rural ecosystem, it also engages the flourishing ICT ecosystem in those countries by fostering new tools and good practices, entrepreneurship and start-ups. Aimed at boosting the ICT sector, WAZIUP proposes solutions aiming at long term sustainability.

WAZIUP will deliver a communication and big data application platform and generate locally the know-how by training by use case and examples. The use of standards will help to create an interoperable platform, fully open source, oriented to radically new paradigms for innovative application/services delivery. WAZIUP is driven by the following visions:

    Empower the African Rural Economy. Develop new technological enablers to empower the African rural economy now threatened by the concurrent action of rapid urbanization and of climate change. WAZIUP technologies can support the necessary services and infrastructures to launch agriculture and breeding on a new scale;

    Tailored IoT and Big-data Technology. Offer smart sensor and data-driven applications and services addressing the end-users needs and requirements (understanding users requirements and preference delivering towards more personalized and easy users interfaces and applications)

    Value-added cost and energy efficiency. IoT application and services based on WAZIUP open IoT-Big data platform will focus on ease of maintenance and low cost of solutions;

    Lower Entry Level. Provide to application developers a mature platform, as well as tools and standards that are inexpensive, easy and relevant.

In order to achieve the above aims, a strong dissemination and exploitation effort of the project will be dedicated to a) strengthening linkages of end-users with industries, b) engage innovation space and living labs to accelerate innovation coaching/training/start-up activities (e.g., community-driven development paradigms), c) promote value-addition to business outputs, d) challenge the value-chain of African agribusiness through technology for value increase.

The proposed solutions will be tested for a set of real-life use cases covering several countries. At higher level, WAZIUP will implement a regional innovation platform, where SMEs could continue to develop/plug-in solutions using the technical elements and the open data provided in the project. The ultimate target is to create large African industries, SMEs ecosystem, and induce a network- effect.

The consortium of WAZIUP involves 7 partners from 4 African countries and partners from 5 EU countries combining business developers, technology experts and local Africa companies operating in agriculture and ICT. The project involves also regional hubs with the aim to promote the results to the widest base in the region.

sanusiIoT For and By Africans.
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Kad ICT Hub’s Kids Summer Programs.

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As part of our initiative to empower the community with the necessary skills to meet the large demand for labour IT skills, we have introduced this 3 Week Summer programme for kids. The aim of the programme is to teach Android app development to children aged from 8 to 17, using MIT App inventor, which is an easy way to program Apps using Graphical User Interfaces.
By participating in this programme, we aim to provide young boys and girls with career prospects in IT, by introducing them to the world of App development at an early age. We aim to spark their interests in technology in order for them to begin honing their creative energy at an early age.

The program will span from August 12, 2017 to August 30, 2017.
Classes will be held on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 9am to 11am on each day.

The cost of the programme is Ten Thousand Naira only.

To register click here

After you apply you make the payment on this link

Alternatively you can make your payment through either of the following accounts:

JAIZ BANK 0001981201


ZENITH BANK 1015082711

GTB 0239218945

Account Name: Telemax engineering services limited

You should come with your teller to No. 47 Kanta Road off Independence way Kaduna.

sanusiKad ICT Hub’s Kids Summer Programs.
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